Finding qualified healthcare workers can be difficult, and retaining well-trained employees adds another hurdle. The MercyPLUS Medical Assistant (MA) Partnership Program is a turnkey solution for recruiting and training the next wave of MAs for your organization and is intended to keep them as reliable team members for years to come. 




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+ Partner Testimonials

"Mercy College has been phenomenal to partner with to bring MA training to the Carroll area. They have made the process very streamlined and easy. Staff is very responsive and open to feedback, and enrollment processes are straightforward and easy to understand."

— Christina Woerdehoff, RN, BSN, Clinical Educator


"Because Mercy College already had the infrastructure in place and was so helpful in promoting the program, recruiting students, providing enrollment and navigation assistance to the students, it made the process so much easier."

— Stephanie Neumayer, RN, BSN, Clinical Educator



"St. Anthony has a strong interest in providing training, educational, and professional development opportunities to employees and members of the community. This program has helped to fulfil that mission, while also reaping staffing benefits for the organization. For example, two members of the cohort were preexisting St. Anthony employees looking for career advancement, while the other two members of the cohort were recruited to work at St. Anthony because of the program."

— Katie Towers, RN, BSN, Director, Education Services


+ Partnership

Our team is here to assist your organization every step of the way. We can help determine and identify which model may be best for your organization through a scheduled consultation between our team and your administration. If your marketing team wants more oversight on recruitment initiatives, our team is always open to collaborating on implementing new ideas and creative ways to recruit and promote our partnership and enrollment.

Matt Romkey

Executive Vice President and Chancellor Matt Romkey serves as the Executive Vice President and Chancellor at MercyPLUS. Throughout his career at nationally ranked universities and healthcare organizations, he has helped boards, physicians, faculty, staff, and administrators develop and implement strategic initiatives to accelerate growth. At MercyPLUS, Romkey collaborates with academic units and faculty to extend the institution's educational offerings in non-traditional ways. Romkey is completing his doctorate in leadership and innovation at Arizona State University and serves as a Facilitator at Cornell University in their eCornell Business Transformation and Technology Division.


Director of Enrollment Management Andrew Gress is the Director of Enrollment Management overseeing several operational divisions and business development. He has more than 15-years of higher education experience including roles in teaching, faculty development, academic assessment, academic and campus leadership, and strategic growth and partnerships development. Throughout his career, Gress has contributed to and led academic workforce solutions for healthcare systems and Fortune 500 companies. 


Director of Outreach Tim Pearson is the Director of Outreach for the Medical Assisting program and a faculty member teaching Anatomy and Physiology. Prior to Mercy College, he spent nearly two decades in private practice as a chiropractic physician and is a published author and experienced university professor. In addition, Pearson served as the executive director of a state-wide non-profit organization designed to support the welfare of abused and neglected foster children in Iowa.


Our MA faculty team includes a full-time program chair as well as many medical professionals in the clinical setting. Our full-time liberal arts and science faculty members are PhD-prepared and adept at integrating their subject matters into a comprehensive health science curriculum. As a student, you will receive an exceptional level of personalized instruction from experienced educators dedicated to your success.


Learn how MercyPLUS can transform your workforce by recruiting and training the next wave of MAs for your organization. Think of it like your own custom-made college, designed to build your in-demand clinic workforce. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the outcome for students upon completing the program?

Mercy College’s MA program touts an impressive 100% pass rate1 among graduates for the Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA) exam.

What is the return on investment for healthcare organizations? 

According to a study by Jessica L. Friedman and Dana Neutze published in “The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine” in May 2020, the MA turnover rate during 2017 was 59% and the per-MA cost of turnover was $14,200. Our partners have seen great success with creating positions for “student MAs.” This means students work in the health system throughout the entirety of the program instead of just during their clinicals or after having earned their certification. They are learning the profession in the context of that health system, resulting in reduced onboarding and orientation time after graduation. It also reduces employee turnover significantly, especially when tuition reimbursement is tied to a work commitment. 

Does online learning offer credible training for the students?

It’s truly immersive and practice-based learning. We employ medical office simulation software so learners can practice the exact tasks they will do on the job in a safe environment. Additionally, we have strategies in place to build a social learning community throughout the program. 

Is the program all online or in person?

The medical assistant program is 100% online instruction through our MercyPLUS platform, however there are two in-person skills labs that must be completed in order to graduate. 

1. Based on the 2018 graduate class